Safety is a key concern in all construction projects. However the nature of RC frames and the particular risks involved requires even greater emphasis on and attention to safety. O'D Formwork is committed to ensuring the highest safety standards are applied in conducting our work. We strive at all time to meet our obligations and responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974. At O'D Formwork we take a multi-point approach to safety: 

Site Safety

O'D Formwork recognise that each site and each job is different and accordingly that each site/job should be assessed to identify the particular safety concerns it presents. We continually reassess conditions as work progresses and the conditions on site change. In this way we aim to ensure that any and all site hazards are accounted for and the risk to employees, visitors and passers-by is minimized or where possible removed.


Reliable, well serviced equipment is essential swiss replica watches to safety on site. O'D Formwork owns and maintains all the equipment used on site and routinely inspect and monitor it to ensure it operates to the highest levels of efficiency and safety. We are also committed to providing our employees with appropriate high quality safety and personal protective equipment.

Training & Information

Health & Safety is part of our culture at O'D Formwork and all our employees are aware of their responsibility in ensuring a safe work working environment for themselves and their colleagues. O'D Formwork are committed to providing relevant health and safety training to our employees. In addition we actively inform employees of potential safety risks prior to starting work and update them routinely as work progresses.

Inspection & Monitoring

We believe that to ensure continued compliance, it is essential to continually inspect and monitor the site, our equipment and our people. To this end we have engaged a specialist third party health & safety consultancy, to provide inspection, monitoring and risk assessment at all stages of a project.